Civil and family law

We offer a comprehensive advisory service in the field of family law and civil law. The most common issues our customers ask us about are:

Inheritances and wills

We provide comprehensive advice on drafting wills and handling estate matters (with or without a will – intestate succession) to domestic clients as well as non-resident clients who require advice in their language. In this way, we try to ensure compliance with the wishes of the testator, minimizing future conflicts as much as possible and facilitating the administration of property and rights of heirs, heirs and legatees. Likewise, we defend your inheritance rights before legal proceedings.

Our scope of action and advice also includes inheritances with cross-border legal aspects, i.e. inheritances with international elements for non-resident clients with assets in Spain.

Divorce, separation, stable couples and custody

We offer legal support in divorce and separation proceedings, providing clear and objective advice. We handle all legal aspects, including child custody, property distribution, alimony, use of housing, seeking an amicable agreement when possible, or a fair resolution when the matter is contentious.


We offer comprehensive legal advice in the field of donations and take care of all aspects related to it. In the case of donations from non-resident clients in Spain with assets in Spanish territory, we offer comprehensive advice on the matter, taking into account laws and cross-border aspects.

Other family matters

We offer comprehensive services in the field of civil and family law. Therefore, our services include personal capacity procedures, adoptions, name changes, foster placements, voluntary jurisdiction procedures, advice on marriage contracts, among others.

Other civil law issues

Advice to communities of owners, advice in the field of easements, neighborhood conflicts, censuses, real rights, mortgage law, seizures of property, usufructs, leases and rents, debt claims, evictions for non-payment and breach of contract.

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