Taxation of non-residents

Comprehensive advice to individuals and companies that generate income in Spain without residing in the country. Our management of our tax obligations ensures compliance with strict standards and optimizes tax requirements.

IRPF for non-residents

We offer specialized advice to understand and comply with the income tax regulations for non-resident individuals, guaranteeing the correct calculation and presentation of tax returns both for cases in which rental profits are declared and for when the property is not rented and property and is declared by mere possession of the property.

Tourist tax

Our tourist tax management service is aimed at helping owners and managers of tourist accommodation to comply with the tax obligations derived from these regulations.

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa service is intended for foreigners who wish to obtain residency in Spain through significant investments. We assist our clients throughout the process (even from advising on the purchase and sale) to select the investment in real estate, the assessment of the purchase circumstances that guarantee the viability of the Golden visa request, to the preparation and presentation of the application.

Our team is responsible for ensuring compliance with all legal requirements, facilitating an efficient and smooth process to obtain the residence permit, allowing investors and their families to enjoy the benefits of living in Spain.

NIE, NIF and CIF Application

Our NIE (Foreign Identification Number) and NIF (Tax Identification Number) application service is designed to facilitate the process of obtaining these essential documents for foreigners. We advise and assist in the preparation of the required documentation, the submission of applications and the follow-up to the competent authorities. Our goal is to ensure that our clients obtain their NIE and NIF quickly and without complications, allowing them to comply with their legal and tax obligations in Spain efficiently. Our office also offers the processing of the CIF number for foreign companies that are going to buy real estate in Spain, such as, for example, French SCIs.

Wealth Tax

We offer specialized advice to understand and comply with the Wealth Tax regulations, its calculation and the corresponding presentation of declarations.

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