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Legal advice on real estate transactions: legal audit of real estate (due diligence, drafting and review of contracts, representation in transactions, cadastral, registry and judicial procedures. We offer our services to individuals, companies and sector specialists (such as construction companies, developers, architects and real estate agencies), in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

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Audit and Due Diligence

The real estate legal audit, or real estate “due diligence”, is an essential process carried out by an expert jurist before the transfer of real estate. This service involves extensive research into the legal aspects of the property, providing significant advantages for both the buyer and seller. It allows both parties to know the legal status of the property and the possible risks associated with its transfer or acquisition. Furthermore, it is crucial not only in lucrative transactions such as purchases and sales, but also in others such as donations and inheritances.

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Legal advice and representation

The legal advice and representation service in the real estate field covers a wide range of crucial activities to guarantee security and efficiency in transactions. It includes advice during purchase and sale transactions, as well as legal representation through powers of attorney. In addition, it offers support to sector professionals in their operations, including agency contracts and other legal agreements.

Drafting and review of contracts

The review, drafting and contractual support service in the real estate field offers the preparation and supervision of various contracts, ensuring legal protection and compliance with regulations in purchase and sale transactions, leases and construction agreements, among others.

Procedures and powers

We carry out all the management of cadastral and registration procedures, as well as the preparation of powers of attorney for the purchase and sale of real estate, both in Spanish territory (with a Spanish notary) and abroad, offering bilingual Spanish-English or Spanish-English texts and offering support for legalization in the client’s country of origin.

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