Damages and civil liability

One of the specialties of our office is civil liability, that is, claims for damages and insurance claims.

Damage and construction defects

Specialized in the claim and resolution of structural problems and defects in new and second-hand buildings (or subsequent transfers). We provide legal advice to ensure compliance with contractual responsibilities.


We provide legal advice and representation to victims of traffic accidents, managing claims for compensation for physical and material damages.

Medical malpractice

We offer legal support to patients affected by medical errors. We manage the entire claim process, from case evaluation to representation at trial, seeking fair compensation.

Damages for breach of contract

We provide legal advice and representation to people and companies who have suffered losses due to breach of contract.

Claims against the administration for damage to people and property

We provide legal advice and defense to people who have suffered damage as a result of the actions of the public administration.

Accidents at work or in the workplace

We offer legal advice and legal defense to both companies and workers who have been involved in a work accident.

All types of damages claims

Our firm offers legal advice and defense in all types of damages claims.

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